About Gladeo

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Gladeo is a media and technology company with a mission to build a more inclusive, equitable and prepared workforce of the future. Gladeo is a benefit corporation.


Gladeo provides branded inclusive, storytelling career navigation platforms and career/industry related e-courses to high schools, workforce/job agencies, non-profits, colleges and universities.


Gladeo is a member of the 2019 Acumen CivicX Future of Work Accelerator, supported by the PwC Charitable Foundation and Starbucks, the 2019 Fast Forward Accelerator, and the 2019 Grid110 Residency program, a partnership with the LA Mayor's Office and the LA Economic Workforce Development Department. Gladeo and its founders have received numerous honors and awards including Aspen Institute Festival Scholar, Ashoka/American Express Emerging Innovator, National League of Cities Local Hero Award, and Social Venture Partner LA’s Social Innovation Fast Pitch Award.