Similar Titles

Simulation Technology Specialist, Simulation Operations Specialist, Simulation Technician, Medical Simulation Coordinator, Simulation Lab Assistant, Healthcare Simulation Technologist, Simulation Center Manager

Job Description

A Clinical Simulator Technician is an individual who specializes in both the technologies and methods used in the planning, preparation, and execution of simulation-based healthcare training and education events.

Job Responsibilities
  • Setting up and configuring medical simulators for various training scenarios.
  • Programming simulators to simulate specific medical conditions and responses.
  • Monitoring and controlling simulations during training sessions to ensure realistic experiences for learners.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues with simulation equipment and making necessary repairs or adjustments.
  • Collaborating with educators and healthcare professionals to design and implement simulation-based training programs.
  • Maintaining and updating the simulation equipment and software regularly.
  • Assisting with debriefing sessions after simulations to provide feedback and enhance learning outcomes.
Skills Needed on the Job
  • Technical Aptitude: Clinical Simulator Technicians should have a strong understanding of medical simulation equipment, including mannequins, virtual reality systems, task trainers, and related software. They must be proficient in setting up, calibrating, and troubleshooting this equipment.
  • Problem-Solving: Being able to identify and resolve technical issues with simulation equipment is essential. Clinical Simulator Technicians should possess excellent problem-solving skills to ensure smooth and effective training sessions.
  • Communication: Effective communication is crucial in this role. Technicians need to interact with educators, healthcare professionals, and learners to understand training requirements, provide technical support, and facilitate training sessions.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with educators and other healthcare professionals to design and implement simulation-based training programs requires collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Organization: Managing and maintaining simulation equipment, scheduling training sessions, and ensuring that simulations are set up properly and ready for use demands strong organizational skills.
Typical Roadmap
Clinical Simulator Technician Roadmap


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