Similar Titles

Designer, Display Coordinator, Exhibit Coordinator, Exhibit Designer, Exhibit Preparator, Historical Society Window Dresser, Installations Designer, Projection Designer, Scenic Designer, Set Designer

Job Description

Exhibition and Trade Show Designers are professionals who design and create exhibits, booths, and displays for trade shows, conferences, and other events. They work with clients to understand their brand and marketing goals and create custom designs that showcase their products and services. Exhibition and Trade Show Designers can work for exhibit design companies, event planning companies, or as freelancers. They belong to the trade show and event industry and can work in various fields such as film, TV, digital media, advertising, marketing, and graphic design, depending on their specialization and expertise. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Develop set designs, based on evaluation of scripts, budgets, research information, and available locations.
  • Prepare rough drafts and scale working drawings of sets, including floor plans, scenery, and properties to be constructed.
  • Prepare preliminary renderings of proposed exhibits, including detailed construction, layout, material specifications, and diagrams relating to aspects such as special effects or lighting.
  • Read scripts to determine location, set, and design requirements.
  • Submit plans for approval, and adapt plans to serve intended purposes, or to conform to budget or fabrication restrictions.
Technology Skills
  • Computer-aided design CAD software Hot technology — Autodesk AutoCAD Hot technology; Autodesk Revit Hot technology; Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Hot technology; Trimble SketchUp Pro Hot technology
  • Graphics or photo imaging software — Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator Hot technology; Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop Hot technology; Autodesk Maya; Graphics software
  • Object or component-oriented development software — C# Hot technology; C++ Hot technology; Oracle Java Hot technology; Python Hot technology
  • Presentation software — Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology
  • Video creation and editing software — Adobe Systems Adobe After Effects Hot technology; Adobe Systems Adobe Director; Autodesk 3ds Max; Figure 53 QLab


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