Job Description

Voiceover artists are freelancers and might work on a wide range of projects, including audiobooks, commercials, documentaries, educational videos, corporate promotional materials, apps, toys, announcements, and phone prompts, as well as fictional media like animated films, dubbed series, video games, and radio dramas.

Similar Titles

Actor, Actress, Comedian, Comic, Community Theater Actor, Ensemble Member, Narrator, Performer, Tour Actor, Voice-Over Artist

Job Responsibilities
  • Read the written script aloud with contextual emotions.
  • Record your voice using appropriate recording software.
  • Possess the technical expertise to create quality sound.
  • Convey excitement and enjoyment.
Technology Skills
  • Data base user interface and query software — FileMaker Pro
  • Electronic mail software — Email software; Microsoft Outlook Hot technology
  • Spreadsheet software — Microsoft Excel Hot technology
  • Video creation and editing software — Apple Final Cut Pro; Motion capture software; YouTube
  • Web page creation and editing software — Facebook Hot technology ; Instagram; LinkedIn Hot technology ; Website development software


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